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Welcome To This Page

This page is not updated and is only used as an info page.

For more up to date info - Go to my Dutch website

My name is Marc
I live in a little town
somewhere between Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium)

HatSu means "to generate".

I have a background in esotherie, parapsychologie, new age, ...
I am Reiki master in the Usui, Karuna and Fusion system.
and ordained minister in Reiki Healing.
I also am a certified Tachyon practitioner.
I give treatments in Reiki, Holistic healing, Emotional Stress Release, Tachyon

I give personal and group courses/workshops in ;
relaxation, meditation, Reiki, Holistic healing, Alpha mind, Star language.
I have followed ; Touch for health, Kinesiologie, NLP, Silva mind, Flower Of Life, Star Language, Holistic healing, Reiki.

I also messure energies and clean houses, places and/or persons, from Geopatern stress and EMF

I speak Dutch, English and French.

Regulary group meditations are held for people who followed the MerKaBa meditation.

Also Reiki meetings are organised on a regular basis.
Here people practice on eachother AND people who do not know Reiki can come in contact with this lifeforce energy.

Call or send e-mail for shedules and locations.

You can bring a group together ?
I can come over to give guided meditations.

Hands United for Energy work

"It is no longer a question of
"What happens if we destroy the Earth?"
It is a question of,
"We are destroying the Earth -- how can we stop?"
It is a shame that most wait until their death to
review their lives, to explore the ramifications of their actions.
If our individual dark deeds could be brought to light and realized within ourselves for our own knowledge,
if we could learn from our mistakes,then we would be on a path towards enlightenment and creation, instead of a path towards darkness and destruction."

Mer-Ka-Ba Workshop - and - Follow-Up

A Shift in Consciousness

Sacred teachings to support the expansion of
you Higher Self.

When your MerKaBa is activated there is an energy field
of 18 meters in diameter
surrounding your physical body.

You live into the world through this field.

Learn its secrets, your connection to all life everywhere
and the path to immortality.

Ok, you know how to start your MerKaBa, what now ?
How can you use your MerKaBa field
in day to day life.
How can it help my evolution.
No, this is not just a relaxation
and feeling good meditation as you will find out yourself !

Marc ( Dutch, English, French )




contact me for more info on given Workshops